Nghia Phat Steel

Nghia Phat Steel is proud to be one of the companies in Vietnam in the field of high-quality mechanical engineering. Our main activities include designing, manufacturing, processing, and installing high-quality mechanical products; and other technical works in the field of construction mechanics.

With more than 20 years of experience in the mechanical engineering industry, and an annual capacity of 12,000 tons of steel structures, Nghia Phat Steel is confident reaching your requirements with full range of steel structure works such as factories, warehouses, houses, and projects for heavy industry, trade center, exhibition center, infrastructure, etc.

Business Philosophy

All production and business activities of NGHIA PHAT STEEL are carried out in the spirit of working responsibly with partners, customers, and the community to build a reputation for the NGHIA PHAT STEEL brand.


NGHIA PHAT STEEL brings optimal construction solutions – steel structures, satisfying customer satisfaction in many fields, and creating value for society.


NGHIA PHAT STEEL strives to reach the Top 10 companies in the field of steel structure in Vietnam by 2025.

Core Value


Developing staff capacity, and creating a dynamic, creative, and effective working environment.


Working on established processes, always promoting the connection of departments.


Trust and listen to requests, opinions, and suggestions of employees, partners, and customers.


Working with passion and enthusiasm to ensure the progress and quality of products.


Constantly updating to innovate thinking in management and production.


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